pmwrThey tell u Microsoft gave them ur # in reference to a slow running computer.It is total hogwash.

I luckily got my refund, according to an email from PayPal, who I did not chose to use in the 1st place. go to www.disqus.com & look up www.logmein123.com. Exact same thing... Loads of major complaints.

Same story all over the world. Beware!!! I found the 1st virus ever on my pc in the first 40 mins after they took over my machine remotely. MSE removed it, but my laptop crashed by the next evening.

I had to get ID theft protection (my own fault) cancel my creditcards, & now get a new laptop. BEWARE! They go by many names, but r all East Indians working with defunct ph #s, live chat etc. I was next in que 4 hrs..

Excuses. It is a scam. Hang up!! They will call u, then when they know u r wise, block their #.

I was never given a password, but I'm in their accts without access.

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Just got a call from techisonline the rep tried to get me to turn my computer on and said he could fix my computer that it had several virus' on it and need immediate help, he would not connect to my computer to fix the problem, I told him that I was on the do not call list, but he kept insisting I turn my computer on. I told him I was not *** and would not do it and again ask him the namw of the company calling, he told me "tehisonline" and I again told hime I was on the do not call list to which he replied "GO F**K OFF IN ***" and slamed the phone down. I think he finally got the message, that I did not want to talk to him.


Firstly it's not a scam it's just a remote servicing system...call them up on their toll free number provided and then register ur complaint..

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